Anyone know how to fix 403 forbidden error:

I have an SEO problem when someone backlinks to one of my blog posts, Google can’t crawl it and says **403 forbidden error. It means that the post can’t rank, as Google makes it a bad link and it is happing to lots of my blog posts.

the link to the screenshot is:

Do you actually get that error from Google themselves?

You have a screenshot from a dead link checker which might be blocked. Just because they are getting a 403 error, it does not mean Google is.

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What do you mean dead link checker which might be blocked? Also, how do I find if my link is fine with google on google search concise

Have you tried a different link checker? Did you check the source code of the link?

what is another link checker and also on my site next to the URL there is no lock and says my site is unsure.

Went to URL your link is coming from and could not find the link on the page. Could find the anchor text but not the link.

What page do you mean