Anyone know how to use Yandex Money from USA?

Hi all,

I’m based in the USA and need to use Yandex Money to pay a company in Russia. I read online that I can’t connect American credit cards to Yandex money, but I only have USA credit cards.
Does anyone know how to add money to Yandex from the USA?

All help is appreciated, thank you!

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You and me both brother and I think I know why lol :eyes::eyes::eyes:


Directly shouldn’t be possible. If you have a friend in England, there you can open bank account in few seconds just with his address. Then Transfer it to Yandex. You will lose some % tho due conversions and rebilling.

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And you forget something after you added your credit card you have to activate your account with a russian id. If you don’t have a russian id you have to sent a formular filled out to the yandex department in russia or a partner from yandex money in your country.

Otherwise you can’t pay all services. Only a few.
Check this link:

Also check that your don’t encounter any sanctions.

i can’t even get yandex to work in my country in europe

Never heard about yandex money, can you use it in Europe?

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