Anyone know if Reels are subject to copyright?

I’m seeing a lot of people post copyrighted content on Reels, football goals etc. which are usually penalised in the feed. Is it alright to post or is it best to avoid it altogether?

I’d avoid it for the main or important account unless the entire account is based on copyrighted content, i.e. football highlights as you said, then you have no choice :slight_smile:

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Copyrighted content is copyrighted content. As long as you know the risks, that’s your call.

I’ve never personally experienced IG penalising reposts with less reach etc (mine are always with permission and I try to add value). However, I’ve had IG kill a video with copyrighted music ('twas an accident) almost instantly, and I’ve had a copyright takedown on another video (learnt a lesson there).

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