Anyone know new solution for disabled accounts

My account has been disabled for four months can anyone help me get my page back? i’m really desperate I want my account I have years of photos on that account including important photos I need photos of my deceased brother on it. I will be forever grateful if you could happen me. I tried with every form but nothing happened. My account disabled my account for no reason and I have already sent all the documents asked through the forms but still got no answer.

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Are you talking about insta/Facebook? I would sue them over that.

Besides sending in Selfies and Business docs, there is no official alternative.

Filling up the forms is the only possible way. You can also try with some guys that are offering those kinds of services. Perhaps they can help you out more efficiently.

I’ve been filling out forms and taking mugshots for four months nothing is working

Have you tried some services for recovering accounts?

No I have no money right now and I don’t know if they are scammers

Not yet, looking into it