Anyone know of any tools to automate dating apps like Tinder and Bumble?

Dating apps seem to be a great feeder for traffic to Instagram especially.

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Interesting! What do you plan to do? Create profiles and link to IG hoping people will check you out?

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For Tinder there are several bots out there but a way tricky when it comes to the accounts and they are mostly not build for being around long time. Bumble there is nothing as far as I know as the verification process is even worse as on Badoo (same owner). And Badoo wasn´t bottet as well as far as I am aware but may someone else knows more.

And yea people actually check the profil when it´s mentioned on other dating sites. But some take it down pretty quickly.

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Well if you want it to auto like and you can spare an old pc/laptop:

  1. Open tinder in Browser
  2. Get an auto-clicker
  3. Set timer, position it over the like
  4. Start auto clicker

And there you have it


Yeah, exactly. I actually got a client from Bumble Bizz too.

Good suggestion OP, people are sleeping on those but they are goldmines.

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