Anyone knows a bot for Whatssapp?

Anyone knows a bot for Whatssapp?
Besdies firesender, seems their website is down.

I think it would be better if you create that bot yourself, some users are using Twilio and Python to create a simple bot, you can try that and see if it’s good enough for your work.

I was researching yesterday the same thing. I would like to know how to create a Whatsapp bot for IG engagement groups? If users liked & commented accounts!

@Luca What if we don’t know how to create the bot ourselves? Where can we hire someone to create the bot, do you have any idea?

Do you know who owns Whatsapp? :slight_smile: not a brilliant idea to have EG groups there, no?

Whatsapp is a closed system. Twilio works together with Whatsapp and they have an API, but it is limited. Sending messages works with pre aproved templates. It doesn’t even work with groups. And you have to pay for each message you send. Whatsapp is the wrong platform for bots.

No idea what you mean by closed system…
WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption but doesn’t mean that all messages are private because on Androing and on iOS 8+ apps can access files in what we call shared container, Facebook and WhatsApp apps use the same shared container on all devices, we know that messages are encrypted when they are sent but they are not encrypted on the originating device. So it’s clear that the Facebook app could copy information from WhatsApp app for any pourpose, big data collection, ads, marketing…you name it.

There is no public API available. No way for you to get started on your own. Twilio has an API, and some other companies also. They have that because they partnered with Facebook. They determine what you can do, and follow Facebook rules.

Who told you that?
I was running whatsapp bot for AU and USA 2k messages a day no problem with many numbers

We have the Business API you need to meet the technical requirements, and Twilio is popular but there are many other alternatives just check here and select the one that fits your needs (Note we do not sell the API access/management)

Anyway this is a terretory for experts, it is challenging for development and I wouldn’t adivise and individual or very small business to take this route however there are service providers that might work for you, also depends on your needs.

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Why the fuck would you develpor it? You can buy any whatsapp bot for 100$ life time
Check fire sender, the only issue it doesnt support Hebrew…
Works like magic for EN

All depends on your needs.

I know who owns it. And I’m in a super powerful group in WhatsApp which is private. And it works like charm despite the fact that Facebook are the owners of WhatsApp. That’s why I wanted to know how they created that bot in there!! It’s very specific and useful but I guess people here have no idea for it.