Anyone knows any US proxy providers?

Hi MPsocial forum,

As the title suggests I’d like to test out a couple of US proxy providers.

I am looking for any US proxy type, datacenter, shared, private, residential, or mobile proxies.

If you know any (they don’t have to be good) please leave them here or message me in private.

I don’t need them for social media, so no worries about creating competition.

Also in exchange, I can offer you high-quality email lists for free or profile picture/packs for adult, just let me know in private.

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Hey, you can try High Proxies - they have lots of different proxies and you can choose different locations, also US. Or try some 4G US proxies from providers here on the forum. Many of them even give you samples :slight_smile:

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Anyone else? Any suggestions?

Here’s the provider I use (my niche is web scraping). MountProxies. These guys have dedicated 4G mobile proxies and my favorite features are the SOCKS support and manual rotation.