Anyone knows how this is named?

So I found this site ( that sells these PSD templates for what they call “Cartão Interativo” (this is portuguese, in english would be “interactive card”).

But I could not find other examples of such templates or other sites where I can download them. I think it’s because the term they use is not correct.

Anyone knows the correct term, so that I can search them?


This interactive card, seems very simple to make.
A simple pdf with button links.

i found another company selling this service.

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Search in this website
you get cool stuff for free

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Thanks for the suggestion. But I’m really looking for something similar to the images I posted, because I think they’re a good fit for pre landers.

A PSD file is a combination of layers to get the image you want. It takes 1, 2, 3, 4 or however many layers, and then render it into a single image. You can make them look like anything you want. These images you like are probably layers of different images, that they are using as their landers. You can use a free tool like Photopea that will help you make them. They also have pretty good Youtube tutorials.