Anyone knows how to add hidden admin on my page

Anyone knows how to add hidden admin on my page because my accounts are getting attacked to much and the attacker is finding each one of my accounts, he even knows my main account where my business manager is located at with all pages, please help

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add an admin on the business manager
new account that he don’t know about and disactivate that account until you need it

this is the way to add adm hide on the page?

As far as I know, if you’ve added an admin from Business Manager to a page, it should be impossible for anyone to find out who that is. They have probably compromised your system, or you aren’t telling us the whole story.

I would suggest - Keep your “main account” as the page admin, but give owner rights to your business manager. Create a second account on Fb (preferable to create a complete account with pics, real friends etc so that it’s easy to recover in case anything happens). Make this account the business manager admin and remove your “main account” from the business manager. If the attacks continue, then I would say that probably the system you’re using is compromised, or these “hackers” are tracking you in some way.

I want to know how to add and I adm hide on the page.?

we already answered you unless you want to sell your page then get it back

i want to add admin hide on the page i would tell anyone how this is done?