Anyone notice a benefit on going live on facebook?

I always hear people talking aboout going live on facebook on their profile.

do you guys actually see any benefit from doing so?

what I usually do is add 15 - 20 ideal clients per day.

just curious on the perks on going live vs just making an edited video that would be a lot more pleasing to watch?

let me know what you guys think.

live is very helpful when it comes to followers/users engagement it gives the account authenticity, so if you can do that go for it, it will help your account a great deal.

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The same thing goes for FB as well, especially if you’ve got a decent number of friends that are ready to engage with you through the stream. In my spare time I am watching some gamers on youtube but I got pretty excited when they started doing some live streams on FB as well :smiley:

Probably good it’s good to mix both if you can. It’s definitely different kind of feeling when you know that the video is happening live and probably higher amount of excitement.

I agree with Bianca, each has its own benefits.

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facebook has been a train wreck since the past 2 years unless you are running ads…just hope instagram won’t end the same grime way

Advertising revenue is the goal.

I think Instagram will go the same way. Social media must maintain sufficient traffic volume while they sell eyeballs to advertisers. They need the advertising revenue to make it pay off.

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agreed, but it’s a balance of things. if users start to see 90% ads they will move to something else eventually out of frustration. they overdid it with facebook and that made it sink for the younger demographic…


Nicely said. You will not get a return on investment when targeting the younger demographic on Facebook.