Anyone offering Manual interactions service?

Hey guys,

Looking for a manual interactions service where I can transfer all my clients to and all my future clients.
Please PM me with your prices, this is a great opportunity for the both of us.

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It’s feasible to set up but there are still blocks on manual actions so not much different from automation tbh

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a lot of people in this forum, unsure if you can self-promote via Posts really, expect a lot of DMs

hello man
i can do 2 or 3 account for you

Manual can be the way to go for people getting trouble with automation, especially for main accounts, which is safer

I am a Scammer, Do not message me for services.

-Edit made by babs


hahahahaha this edit reply though. Priceless :joy: @Babs Imagine all scammers being this honest before even going into scamming.


HAH, foreal. He’s lucky I dont have the power to put a permanent mark on his account…

OOF I JUST CAME UP WITH A KILLER IDEA HAHAHA :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Scammers beware of the babarino…


What you need? I’m using manual methods now.

Hilarious. Thank you for the heads up.

You can get blocks with manual interactions too

we are doing manual actions for clients and its going great , Sometimes you can get block with manual actions but it is thousands time better than automation , blocks are normal on all social media platforms, if your account has low trust score you can get block on instagram , if you are doing alot of actions you can get block for 1-2 days or more, no matter on what platform you are there are some limits and if you try to do actions more than those limits you will get a temporary block , there’s no doubt instagram has changed now, you cant do ton of actions like before , but instagram has no problem with users who are following limits and doing actions manually . instagram will never make those actions impossible which every normal instagram user does. im saying this from testing and experience by running around 400+ accounts manually .


hi, I am also doing manual actions for now, and I find a strange thing. One account blocked in a smart phone for a week, but when I log in that account in another smart phone with same ip. The account is back to normal, I can do F/U and like. I wanna know if you have this problem, will you change a samrt phone or wait it back to noamal?