Anyone offers voucher code distribution services for uk audience, for a baby related product

Not sure this works but looking for someone that can assist me with a product launch. I will be doing a discount on my product and need someone with many uk accounts in babg niche to post my discount code. I would prefer ig but can take fb as well. Pm me for more detail

From my understanding: You are going to release a product & you want people in the baby IG niche to post your Discount Code for your products as an incentive for people to purchase your product and so you can get more sales.

^ If I understand correctly then, you have to go on IG and contact people in the baby niche and offer them something in return to promote your Product/Voucher Code, something you could offer influencers or “brand ambassadors” is an affiliate link, % of $$$ over duration of time, or anything else

Edit: If you are looking to hire someone who can do as I said above, give me a PM