Anyone over 30k followers considered a celebrity. Thoughts?

I just came across an Instagram post on @pubity insta page and I went on google to, of course, google it.

Found more articles about it so I just copy pasted a link.



very funny, I don’t agree at all, as many shit accounts are above that!!!

Well, the fact that you don’t agree doesn’t change anything. How can we benefit from this and how can we improve this as a community in here?


I’m not in the UK so it doesn’t really matter!!

In our country, they write after restauarant and say that if they give them food for free, they will advertise them on their IG: D

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Am I the only one looking at this as more of an incentive to sell automation or growth services? Too many people are vain enough to read an article like this and want to be an internet “celebrity.” I think it’s great and can be useful with SMM. Just my two cents though.

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This is the kind of positivity I signed up for!

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Well, I think that it depends on the niche: it’s not the same to have 50k followers in a fashion account and a memes/funny account.

But I always conisdered the accounts with less than 50k followers as microinfluencers

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Everybodys mother is an influencer nowadays.

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:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: This topic was up in the news here. People owning restaurants started complaining and are fed up with influencers contacting Mechelin restaurants asking for free food for a couple of thousanda of dollars to give them reviews. And actually people owning the restaurants said that they knew many of these influencers used fake followers and comments, so they wouldn’t be fooled by that.
But your one line of comment was KING bro :joy::woman_superhero:

oh wow.
This is actually for the consumer sake in my opinion.
Because people have tendecy to believe the “celebrity” and it will dangerous for pharmaceutical purpose.

Do fake followers count. lol