Anyone recommend a Scraper?

Hey Guys,

Anyone can recommend a scraper for scraping users?

I am thinking of using DC on a dummy account on FLiker, scraping like say 6000 accounts with filters.
Then importing those into J to follow. Saves J from scraping and keeps J’s resources on focusing on just completing tasks instead of searching.

Any thoughts/recommendations?

Thank you!

You would still be most efficient scraping with J. No other (free or cheap) scraper I know offers so detailed targeting as J. and as you need only 6000, that could be done quite fast, so won’t be losing any significant time or resources.


thanks man! do you do this yourself?

Of course, scraping is currently one of my main activities for the projects I work on. J. just has so many parameters in the tools and if you are creative and know what you are searching for, you can get some crazy narrow user lists


ahh kk will give this a try thanks!

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