Anyone running cannabis pages and offers? USA

I am willing to start running cannabis pages, I was wondering , where do you take offers?
What offers are good to run for cannabis?
I am going to get USA traffic ONLY

Any affiliate program for that?
Hook me up with recommended info!


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Sell cannabis related products, CBD related products, or do CBD affiliate offers (tons of them)


Got recommendations ?

I saw some pages as @biffer said that offer cbd products or affiliates of them.
Research the big pages in the cannabis niche and watch out for what they are offering. The big ones will sure figured out what is the most profitable since they have a lot of traffic to experiment with. Moreover they tried a lot so you can learn from them pretty well.

Good luck!

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i have this one:

but this was just a test account i was using, don’t care about it anymore :smiley:

You’re welcome to give it to me :joy:

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That’s a nice acc dam. Just leaving it there lol as a “test”

CBD offers might work good on those types of pages. Or affiliates for pipe related websites or weed related websites.

Maybe weed related merch too. I havent made any accounts in this niche…yet

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want to sell it lol?