Anyone scraping nowadays?

I am using a different Software to scrape. That is working quite good.

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well i guess with normal accounts you can use 10 accounts to get 3000-5000 maybe, more or less daily without any rest

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with 1 account is possible to make 3000-5000 requests?
my account get error after 140 daily requests :smiley:
i buy new registered instagram accounts

which one is that bro? and do you use this for specific follows/likes?

man he just promote his software, check above my simple question nobody will not answer :smiley:

Thats some crazy amounts of api calls man. Wish I could pass the captcha to get them passed the first level.

after solved captcha is bigger limit?

Don’t know. I have no difficulties with this. I have already told you about this in my topic

API-запросы для учетных записей скрапов за 2 дня

What are you talking about ?

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He’s talking to me haha. I tried his methods awhile back but couldn’t get any captca to pass and was wasting heaps of money.

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still 0 answers.

I have slots of accounts on scrapping

I think a lot of people are scraping