Anyone scraping nowadays?

Hi guys, is anyone of you using scraping these days? By scraping i mean scraping instagram data, let’s say instagram emails and etc. Let me know!

Yes, and working fine, just need a lot of scrapers, and that depends on how many users you want to scrape per day.

Scraping is working for me via Jarvee, but I am not trying to hit some amazingly huge numbers. I am scraping from time to time and it’s always up to 1000 results.

I am happily scraping without any issues for awhile now. I am able to scrape large chunks of data

Always every single day since 2017… lol

I use Data Miner for most of my scraping (Free Chrome Extension) and it still works great! But it’s not so easy to use it to scrape emails from Google nowadays as it was before :confused:

Not directly doing it but knows a lot of people who do scraping via Jarvee successfully :ok_hand:.

yes, I think most of us do, can you be more specific about what are you asking exactly? do you have any issues with scraping data?

How much scraping are you targeting?

@instascalp was a Guy that always had great ideas to keep scrapers alive

Does anyone have Instagram data + emails for sale? I would be interested to buy :slight_smile:

i try scraping, i making 140 requests per day, 1 request every 10 sec, 25 hours not used after 140 requests, my accounts after several days always banned, anyone can help? i ready to pay for solution

Hello. I’m still here, I’m alive)

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still keeping the scrapers alive ? :joy: any new ideas or methods to share with family?

Well, everything works ) The system is still the same as it was. You just need to pump up your scrap accounts

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@instascalp can you share with us solution how to keep scrapers alive?

he shared the method in this thread. check it out: Guide "How to make scrapers Immortal"

Or just simply use web based scraping

i use but my accounts always get error, i do only 140 requests every 24 hours

Guys, can pls someone let me know what is the avg number of users you scrape with 1 scraper account daily?

Thanks ahead