Anyone still doing Instagram story viewing like masspoller used to do?

Hi, I’m looking for a service similar to masspoller. Anyone who can help?

I am doing it, mostly story likes

what daily limits?

is there a risk to have the account banned?

No. Nothing banned till date.

So far limits are good - 10-30K story watches a day and between 2K-5K likes. Scraping is a bigger issue though

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You may try using Jarvee and start your 5-day free trial via JARVEE - Social Media Posting and Automation

We also have the IG Story Viewer tool there, remember to start with very low actions then work your way up gradually and to make your accounts look human-like.


Jarvee is closed?

Unfortunately yes.

only for new customers?
like, what happens with all the current jarvee subs?

I am using a different Software for Massviewing then JV that works pretty well right now.


What is the name?

I am watching this

I can absolutely help

Manually will be great idea ! No suspension

Story interactions are still the way to go especially since it can be done on physical phones or fully automated. With the right targeting results can be amazing but most people are lazy and dont put the effort.

Manual will be really hard because of the amount of actions that you would have to do.

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Just focus on results and hire virtual assistant who can do manually

There are still tools to do it for you on mass and with a lot of accounts. Manually would be more expensive and will get you less per Account.

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