Anyone Still Experiencing No More Follow Sources?

Hello guys,
This is nothing new but I’ve search the forum and didn’t find a exact solution to this problem other than contacting Jarvee for support.

Anyone knows what the problem when Jarvee can’t scrape anymore sources?

Is the problem related to too often API calling?

Yes, I think this is generally something that causes the problem in my experience. Too many filters can result in way too many calls to occur. Also different things like a slow proxy/timeouts, etc. will as well. Unless of course something has changed recently.

I actually experience this only once in a blue moon. Usually it helps deleting the source and adding it back again.
The issue has been persistent for years now.

API bocks are the main reason for that error you need have many scrapper accounts so that every time an account get an API bock Jarvee will switch to another one.

There can be different reasons for this message, the best is to contact them since they will help you faster.

You should check if you’ve got blocked from scraping in Social profiles / Actions on selected accounts and press Export api scrape blocks.