Anyone succeed in Youtube shorts?

Is it worth growing account based only on YT Shorts?
Anyone successfully grown niche account only with Shorts?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Shorts is still new so I’m not sure if there are new channels/users who only banked on Shorts alone and have grown their accounts already.

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Yes of course, but someone who is grwing account there can see statistics of growth :slight_smile: Im already starting thats why askin

My opinion is that there is a huge potential in Shorts, they are catchy, easy-going content, and people love them. I think you should go for it, I assume it can bring you only good things :slight_smile:

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no i don’t think so, shorts can help you get viral, because they might get shared on different platforms like TikTok videos and that will lead users to your channel and then subs but they need to find other interesting stuff there to keep them around, so i think it’s very helpful to use shorts but not ony shorts.


I think you have not seen it exactly on YouTube. Many channels have been monetized with Shorts only. If you need more information so just dm me personally then I will tell you how their channels have been monetized?

Short on youtube are very good. Is catchy and yes I do see peoples growth the channel with them . What is see is less peoples tend to subscribe to your channel but on the other hand your channel can get a lot of visits…

Wouldn’t go with Shorts only, since ppl intentionally go to the platform to watch longer videos. Don’t forget the 30% desktop users who only have limited accessibility to Shorts. You can search for Shorts but you dont have an extra section like on mobile devices.

Also in terms of monetization, normal video uploads perform better. Or maybe even do a combination of streaming / shorts - I think thats perfect and least amount of work.