Anyone succeeded in changing TikTok account location?

I am thinking about using proxies to start an account in a different country(USA for example as a European). Has anyone succeeded in “starting” an account in a different country to get those viewers? Any shadowban problems?


I tried this 2 times, everytime 0 views on video, even after waiting some days

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Which country are you from and where were the proxies? Did you do it when you first started the account or after?

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I used after starting account. Im from Germany. Accounts started in Europe has possibillity to grow globally? Or only they will grow always but with local audience?

Might be necessary to do it from the beginning. Yes of course they do. It will start local and as the videos do better, they will be shown to more global audiences.

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so what is the case of creating account from US if content will be shown globally after growing account and making videos viral?

If you are wanting to focus on a certain market for commerce

Anyone did this successfully? :thinking:

Nope, don’t think so

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Memu app player does the job. Feel free to message me if you need help.

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