Anyone successfully use MassProxy proxies?

Does anybody successfully run accounts using MassProxy proxies for FB or IG?
I’ve got FB accounts with moderate use that work with MassProxy proxies, but I’m moving into IG now and wondering if anybody has had MassProxy work well for IG or heavy Facebook use?

Just give it a try with one account or two and you will know faster.

I never used MassProxy, not sure if other users did but it’s always better to test stuff on your own.

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Thanks a lot. That’s good advice because results seem to vary a lot per person anyway.
One thing though is that I haven’t done IG work before, so it may be tough to judge if it’s me or the proxies screwing it up :wink: I have some BlazingSEO ones too which seem to be solid, so I might experiment with getting IG accounts working on there first.

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Just go ahead and do it, you won’t screw anything up.

If you think you are using aggressive settings. Just contact support with a screen-shot and ask them if your settings are fine.

Im using MassProxy with IG. For me it’s working just “fine”. Likes don’t work, action block.
But Follows, DM’s, etc works.

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Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: Pretty interesting that not even some casual likes work. That’s really cracking down on it!

Just to update: I just tried liking photo’s, and it worked. Sometimes it works, sometimes you get action block. I put sleep for around 2 to 3 hours, then try again liking and it works.
Liking is really awkward, unstable

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So action block is just as it sounds is it - just blocks the action from happening? Rather than any sort of verification checkpoint or actually affecting the account’s stability


I just wanted to to confirm this information.

Likes doesn’t work for me to, very few accounts were able to do likes: Where I started with very few likes slowly increasing and when they reached 20-25 likes they got instant BLOCK!

Follow and Unfollow is working just fine, so far!

I yet didn’t start with DM’s, planing to so I will update on that when I have more info to share.

Hope this was helpful.


Just wanted to add that I also contacted support from MassProxy and they answer me really fast.
Explained them that I have issue with likes and that I don’t run spam accounts, I do properly and safely as possible “warm up” all accounts.
I asked them to change my proxies and they accepted to do that and they added THAT THEY SURE THAT THOSE NEW PROXIES WILL NOT FIX LIKE ISSUE!
This was a bit strange and I’m wandering if they are so sure about it is that means that they know that their proxies are FLAGGED by IG!

(Sorry for CAPS, just wanted to point on some things!)


@Johny One question mate, how many accounts are you running with massproxies? )

15 proxies : 1 account per proxy

Yeah, it’s a little bit odd as likes is a fairly everyday activity you’d like to be able to do with the account. It makes the proxy provider a bit subpar in that sense. But if it still works as an option for other things then it’s nice to have that more affordable option out there for those who are happy to take that up (which I totally will, as I already have them for FB).

Have you (or anyone here) ever run multiple accounts per MassProxy proxy? For any social media platform too, so 2+ FB accounts, 2+ IG’s…
I tried adding a second account to some proxies recently. I tried doubling up on two BlazingSEO proxies and on two MassProxy proxies. Both of the MP proxy accounts hit verification checks and died and the BlazingSEO ones worked. I also was testing with some spare accounts I had bought a while ago and hadn’t touched, so there’s that small chance that coincidence was those accounts were bad, but I think it was likely a reflection of the proxy’s potential.