Anyone tried email scraping with GrowMeOrganic

Hey all!

I’ve searched around the forum and Google but have only been able to find one other person mention GrowMeOrganic for Instagram email/data scraping and the post wasn’t too detailed.

Has anyone had much experience with IG email scraping specifically using GrowMeOrganic?

My IG accounts are constantly being blocked or stopped for verification, even though I’m using proxies. So I was hoping to get some tips as to how you can scrape emails from IG at scale.

Any recommendations?

Yes I have it
what information are you looking for

I’m just struggling to keep accounts valid, they only last a day before getting ‘checkpoint verification required’ for me.

Any tips on avoiding that? Was wondering where you get your IG accounts and proxies from?

sorry dont really have any tips
have same problems myself
think its just instagram getting more strict

Ive tried it. It scrapes like crazy because it can do the scraping in parallalel @DanielAdmin maybe you can do this for ours?

So the more accts you add, the faster. It can scrape really fast. However, you dont get ER or avg likes, avg comments, which sucks a lot.

In general, as someone above said, its a nightmare to keep accounts valid. Not only that, but they disappear from the box and you have to input credentials again, proxy, etc. A nightmare. It makes the app totally useless, really. Avoid for now.

Damn, I’m so disappointed to hear that. I’m sure there’s a way… somehow!

Maybe just using more accounts and scraping at a lower volume per account?

Anyone else have any success?

My experience,burned my 6 months old,warmed up with a lot of posts and manual actions done which just scraped 30 users lol.

Their script is very fast,very less sleep time and burnes even quicker than Jarvee.

Oh sorry to hear that. Is there anything else you’re using now, are you still scraping emails?

Custom solution is the best with a developer who will work with you long term and give future updates too,due to the recent updates many softwares broke so can’t trust much.

Any suggestions as to who I can contact? Anyone you’ve worked with?

No one will give you their developer contact but I can tell you some ideas how you can get one:

1.Ofline via friends or referrals.
2.Freelancing sites
3.Facebook groups or any other social media groups.
4.Social Media