Anyone Tried or Other Shoutout Selling Service?

A customer recently asked about verifying an IG account on, which is a service where you can buy or sell shoutouts. Has anyone tried making money that way? I have a few accounts over 20k so it’s possible, but what I don’t need is a time waster that will only bring in $10 or $20 per month. They look like they have a lot of shoutout sellers, but I can’t find much info on people making money off it. I’ve got so much going on that I don’t want to waste time on it, but if it anyone is making a decent amount of money off it I may give it a try too.
I’m sure there are other sellers out there, I’m open to suggestions.

You will get some orders through it but they have a fee of 30% of your earnings which totally sucks

Jeez, that’s steep. I just need to know if there’s enough customers to make it worthwhile to spend my time on it.

That depends on the size of your account(s). With 20k I would say it’s not worth it. The first few days you will get some orders since newly added accounts are showing up first but after that you will only get very few orders unless you have an extremely high engagement rate or extremely low prices

I’ve always thought their fees are SUPER high

I am very late to this, I have accouts with 35k, I haven’t been recieving orders these last 2 months but when they were advertising heavily I had lots of clients.

With their fees I have made $493 including the fee taken out all together.

And here are my withdraws from the site they do pay out and are a 100% legit business.

Never hurts even if their fees are high just set a higher price. a 2 hr post on my page actually sells at 30 bucks and I have 35k for that page lol. People actually spend money on this.

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