Anyone tried the giveaway loop growth method? How did it turn out?

Hi all,

Has anyone tried the giveaway loop growth method?
If so, I’m curious to learn about your experience; what kind of drop-off rate / engagement did you see after it finished? Do you think it was worth it?

For those who don’t know, this method is basically offering a shoutout on a big account in exchange for following users in a list within a specified amount of time.

Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

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Hello @funniestpokemon, those who tried and are smart-analytics, can tell you that this method is poison,

And is only promoted by those who sell it.

Just : run.

  • You will bleed for weeks / months.
  • Your ER will drastically drop.
  • You waste money for nothing.
  • Your Explore Page has already been deleted from your Instagram.
  • Your girlfriend probably already gone too.
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Haha just thinking about the method has her running to the door :rofl:

Thank you for the feedback though, that’s what I thought tbh. I figured that since everyone was just following for the giveaway, they would unfollow as soon as it ends without ever really engaging with the account.

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Some will engage, but very few compare to how many will follow you…

Even some accounts are created for this purpose. Those are the “give away” accounts where users only connect to go in, and never connect back or engage

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