Anyone tried the new Mention in bio feature?

Hey guys,

Anyone tried the new feature of Jarvee?


yep, looking great, very nice add.

did you used it?

Have you gotten good results so far? I want to try the mention tool using the extracted users from my scraper account’s follow tool.

what is the maximum mention account per day? the safe way.
and how long does the setting change mention username? because every time we delete and change the mention user. user will not see it any notification right? because we already change it with anothetr username

This seems like a great feature but one that Instagram will quickly limit when a lot of people start using it

As far as I can remember from the update instructions it’s possible to mention 1 user every 60 min. It seems like it’s an Instagram limit and when you go over this limit the notifications won’t be shown to the target users. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

A limit of mentioning 24 users is not a mass tool like story viewing for example. Since it’s not a very common action I believe it’s possible to get decent results from it as most people aren’t used to this type of notifications like they are to follows and likes.

Due to the nature of the low limits I don’t expect hard restrictions on this one. What can always happen though is that users start reporting the operating account when they feel disgusted by it but that’s the case with every action on Instagram. When the targeting is specific and relevant it will most likely not be the case.

Sry the noob question but can someone explain this?

In your bio, a mention of someones username is added. It rotates by Jarvee every 60 minutes, and when someone is mentioned in bio, that person gets a notification thus it raises engagement. You can of course specify sources etc., and in some cases this can work great, in other cases you won’t get many results from it. This one is on a case-by-case basis, you decide yourself if you need it and if you can bring any value from it.

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As a user, I would definitely report an account that mentioned me in their bio without my permission. But others may feel differently.

That said, I could see people scaling this up with M/S

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Are you sure about that? Only 1 user per 24 hours? ;O

I feel like there this feature won’t yield much results as when they click on your account there will most likely someone else mentioned in the bio… user may think it was just a glitch.

1 user per 60 minutes, so 24 users per day.

Good point, didn’t thought in that direction.

But it’s still a notification and when the user was well targeted and interested in the content he might like, follow, etc. even when he think it’s a glitch.

I didn’t try it yet, but I’m planning to. But, I have to get more info about this in order to see what would be the best use of and what would be recommended settings.