Anyone try Valar Insta-Auto?

Just came across this service has anyone tried it?

I have never heard of it. Keep us updated, maybe it is a alternative to JV!

Run like it’s the Plague, thank me later.


Its really depends on what you need it for but I have not used it in a long time.


looks sketchy wondering if any real experience.

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valar is trash

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I’d sooner use Socinator…



And you all know how I feel about that application.


Making lot of noise in the web, maybe will be worth it to try it.

Is it worth using? :thinking:

No don’t even try any valar services

Heard very negative things and had bad experiences with his accounts and proxies, so wouldn’t recommend.

Valar is absolute trash… run away and fast

Valar is a decent guy and I’m sure its a good software but he’s constantly trying to open up all sorts of services before refining the ones that he currently has open. I’ve worked with his SMS service and it is good, but have also heard of some of my clients having issues with InstaAuto. He has so much on his plate that it is hard to handle, even with the team he has.