Anyone using instagram comment automation?

I personnaly use jarvee but I face block problems a lot any advice?

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I can comment without blocking, how many accounts were blocked in your tests? did each account have different settings? (google translate)

thanks for the reply, every account only makes 30-40 comments and gets blocked for 3 days, would like to know how many comments you can make per day!!

I am not doing comments since about a year! You should consider doing that manually. I even sent DMs manually. If you want to write comments though, you should consider having at least 10 different comments that the software sents. Im not sure if Jarvee offers that since Im using Instadub.

i use the same setting for 4 to 5 accounts actually.looking forward to working together

It works but depends on your settings.
You should use the tool which generates you out of one 50-100 different comments and use Smileys that is important for comment automation.

By the way I use scraper for getting results to the main account and only API. With EB I got blocked in the past…

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same settings on 5 accounts, that is, you only did one test … make 20 hypotheses and test them on 20 accounts… start with few comments and gradually increase… 6 months ago I would say my settings, but nowadays automation is very difficult… I did hundreds of tests to find out. When you find out the limit of comments per day, try run without warm up, I do not warm up. (Google Translate)

I also face a lot of blocks using jarvee for this

What does your spin syntax look like? Not saying this the particular cause here, but it’s a first step to identify the root of your problem. (Many people have really bad spin syntax).

do you think that doing few auto likes and story views would help with it and can you please tell if you make more than a 100 comments per day