Anyone using Luminati proxies?

Anyone here using Luminati mobile proxies?
Share your experience

Nope, only airproxy working good for now

I do not, but if they are weak or you are looking for others, I will answer you with the answer: D
Write to them:

Nope, airproxy sucks, you got lots of EVs and PVs.

Plus the cheapest ones are from Russia, good luck on explaining that to your clients. Unless you want to get the USA/UK that will eat up a good portion of your profits - just doesn’t make sense for me.

I’m using them currently. Highly recommend if you’re looking for affordable DC solutions. Haven’t tried their mobile proxies, however.

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Then you just don’t know how to use them

There is a reason why those are the cheapest :joy:

Well I tried Luminati mobile with country+city target , all accounts got follow and like blocks
Tried residential by country+carrier+city, 30% got ban - didnt continue testing
Tried shared mobile by geo - blocks on follow and like

not recommended

Dont you get blocks with the DC proxies?

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there is huge different from data center proxy that cost 0.5$ unlimited and lumiati mobile that charges you 30$/per 1GB
for this price you want top quality

No, not on a single account unless my clients don’t follow our guidelines and decide to like and follow anything/anyone they want to.

Can you hit your daily limits with them?

My limits aren’t ambitious, so I reach them daily. Also on a side note; changing proxies when they go stale is overrated. I’ve been doing it for years without any issues whatsoever. I do however keep device IDs consistent unless there is a serious issue, which isn’t often.

Luminati doesn’t work well for Instagram automation because they charge per GB of bandwidth. It will end up costing >$100 per month per account.

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any other interesting suggestion?

Don’t use Luminati right now, I have just wasted close to $2500 with them. Constant excuses, blaming our settings and upselling. When I spoke to other companies, they had the same issues too.

I don’t know Luminati proxy … but for months I have been using AirProxy and they are doing great.

I tried them and what I can say i that they are cheaters…
They say that I used much more GB of bandwidth, that I actually used…
Stoped any tests once realized that.

YES! thats exactlly what they told me!
and I know my settings are ok , my accounts are ok, been doing this for long time

Their proxy buying interface is just too complicated. You have to link your PayPal even before choosing what you want to buy.