Anyone using for instagram?

hello everyone , is here anyone that using that provider of proxy ?
how can about 5k follow made only with api , consuming 1,5 GB ???
i followed the traffic consuming , and is take only KB`s for one follow , but after hours maybe 10 , the traffic consume is blowing to 1GB+ …after that traffic consuming is back to normal .how is that possible ?

Are you saying you followed 5k users across all accounts within 10 hours?
Do you have random actions via EB or scrape with EB where possible checked in Advanced settings?

I use sometimes for scraping and yes I have noticed traffic has been insane lately. Sometimes 18gb in a day.

They have turned into a terrible proxy supplier. Its so oversaturated that most accounts die using it. I complained to support and they just blamed jarvee.

Just a note my 4g proxy still burns through 5-10gb a day though.

It’s a known thing around that their proxies are terrible and over-used.

i know they are over used , but this is not the problem , the problem is traffic consuming … i got an answer from them :
Hello, Each request to the Instagram API is roughly 1MB. After making thousands of API requests, it would not be unreasonable to use 1-2GB as you mention. Please keep in mind our tunnel measures the raw uncompressed TCP stream which will include things like SSL negotiation, request/response headers, request/response body, etc.
i can say i tested another provider like iproyal and this think didn`t happen . so , is ok for 5k folllows using api to eat 1-2gbs ?

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On my 4g about 10-15 accounts do 200 follows and will use about 2-3 gb a day.

Are you using them for scraping and main actions?

what i`m trying to say is that i use 100 accounts , and all made 5k follows , this mean about 50 follows per account , but i think you are saying 10-15 accounts do 200 follows each one this mean 2-3k follows and is consuming 2-3 gb /?? u using EB or api ?

I have used it in the past and … you get what you pay for !