Anyone using Pure Lander?


As the title states, is anyone using Pure Lander?

Why or why not?

What do you like about it?

What do you hate about it?


Interesting @wortime i was reading about landingpages… this is just 25$ and they look very nice & more important easy👌

Even vibration Lol​:joy::joy:

If they have the same good & FAST service like MP i will try this😬

Bad thing is they sell mobile friendly LPs
But their own site is not mobile friendly😅


Funny thing is you could use one of their CPA offers…lol


the website looks so bad , must be (sarcasm) reselling a script .


Hey friends, I think this is crazy!

Pay for a service that charges for mesality when there are much better services with single payments.

This type of service has no control whatsoever if at any time it close was already his campaigns.


Do you know any other services like this?


I’m 100% sure no good graphical designer, but this looks very amateurish.
Their LPs are very basicly created, on the other hand, $25 for 6 months of usage is also not something to worry about.

In my opinion though, you can better go for Wordpress’s Thrive/Elementor landing page/website builders, or use Wix.
I worked with the WPs addons, I want to try Wix out…