Anyone Want to Make A Instagram Pod?

Hi everyone! My name is Gabs and my Instagram is @gabsgetgnarly :blue_heart: I’m a travel blogger based out of D.C.

Ever since the algorithm changed, it’s been harder and harder to keep my engagement. I used to get 5-8k likes and now it’s 1-3k. It’s pretty terrible.

Does anyone want to start a Instagram pod for likes and comments?

The rules would be simple:

Post ‘:dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:’ everytime you have a new post & comment a black heart emoji :black_heart: After you’ve liked/commented on someone’s new post to ensure everyone is keeping up with it.

Let me know!

I’m not interested in a pod. But I did check your profile out and noticed you aren’t using 30 hashtags/post.
Instagram allows up to 30 so use 30 every post to get more likes, comments, and follows from each post.

You do this thing where every other post is water which has a cool visual effect on your feed but at the same time they’re dragging engagement down for the rest of your feed. From what i’ve learned in this forum is that if every other post plummets in likes (and a picture of water isn’t as likeable as your other pictures) then Instagram will show your account less so even your popular pictures will receive less engagement. Plus you have a ton of posts and followers, the higher these two stats are the more engagement you need to have.

If you’re serious about improving your engagement i’d consider rethinking your strategy and delete all posts that didn’t reach at least a thousand likes to keep your stats more proportional.


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13 char of course

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@edweiss is right. new Instagram changes…those water pictures choking your feed. you also seem to post many on a single day…then quit for a few days…post once a day min… removing poor posts looks good to new followers however Instagram knows your stats anyway. keep them at you have to many to delete. add more hashtags and most important…your account has great sex appeal. Your ‘butt’ post are highest likes …and you are a beautiful woman. Incorporate you in the posts as you do.
good luck

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Thanks so much for the reply guys! I know, that’s part of the problem with having a theme aesthetic, lower engagement on ‘filler’ photos. I was thinking about switching it up to a new direction shortly once I start traveling more and creating greater content.

Thank you guys!