API accounts instead regular for API CALLS, how to made it?

Times ago i bought API scrapers from online seller, these account dont have any TOOLS available (on jarvee) but the works amazing as scrapers (scrape tool method) and for API calls.

I was always interested to understand how to make these, if i need to hide a developer or others.

These kind of account (usually on binary files with cookies), survive for months or forever, still now i have 30 of them that i bought 4 months ago (from 40-45 total of them).


I have setup my master account to use as less API calls as possible, but compared to the shoppy ones these comes from another dimension!

I’m not sure what do you mean by “API accounts” I never heard that, but you can use Jarvee for accounts creation, just make sure to have good proxies and you should be able to create good quality accounts

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What api limits and delays have you been using? Also, how much have you been scraping?

Its not a problem of API limits…mine are perfect!
These particolary scrapers are werid, comes on binary files with cookies…but you cant have the TOOLS available.

Works only with API and the owner told me are made only for this pourpose.

Is there any chance you could share your source with us? I’d love to check that out.

is possible for make about 500 api calls per day?

I think these are too much for any kind of scrapers, usually its better more scrapers with less api calls.

With them i have reach the 350 max before got some mail verification.

i try with 210 api calls per day, but after 2 days instagram return me error, do you have some advice?

It’s normal for IG Scraper accounts not to have access to TOOLS.

You can can create IG accounts in Jarvee using the IG Create accounts tool, then add them to Social Profiles as scraper accounts.

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This is really interested…i never used this option “INSTAGRAM SCRAPER”…

The only things not clear is…where i could find the “Add accounts as Scraper Account” ? option? it will be available only after the creation?

You can find that option in Global Tools > IG Create Accounts > Results tab.

After you finish creating accounts, accounts that are successfully created are sent to the Results tab. If you have that option checked, whenever you click Add account in Jarvee, the account will be added as IG Scraper Account.

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Interesting…im trying right now!

Thank you for the tip!

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you can use those created accounts exactly like the ones the provider sent you by adding them to the “Instagram scraper” shared by Ossi above and they won’t be able to access tools sections as well.

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That probably means that those accounts are exported as IG Scrapers in Jarvee as binary files and when importing them as binary files they will be imported as Scrapers as well.

Not sure what exactly could be the significant difference for those accounts to last that long if API limits and delays are not important for them.

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Me also idk, but with them i feel really the difference beween the regular ones.

Probably the creation of these was made pretty well, by using a good proxy for example; but the way showed on this topic it is super interesting and new for me, im trying right now to create some account on this way…actually i dont have proxy but a dongle LTE connected to pc; for me its more cheap (and easy to find) use PC with custom LTE connection than rent a proxy :smiley:

just make sure to not create many accounts using the same IP start with a low number and see how it goes

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Not good experience atm…i try with 5 account and i got captcha verification, and i must add the phone numer to continue.
Is it normal?

Ciao Luca…mi rendo solo conto ora che sei italiano…o no?

This feature its only for the professional user.

Too bad…i dont use too much accounts on the same pc.

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yes to be able to add scrapers with that option you need to upgrade to the pro plan, if you are close to the 70 accounts, I would recommend upgrading, that tool is helpful, using it will allow you to add unlimited slaves.

Yes, I thought you have 70 accounts plan or higher. I didn’t know that you could import binary files of IG scraper accounts without having a 70 accounts plan.

Have you used the same IP to create new accounts before?