Api blocks due to client inactivity? a theory

I noticed a possible correlation between the accounts that tend to get api blocks and how active the owner’s (clients) of those accounts are on the platform.

It seems like the api blocks are more likely the less active the owner is, especially if they have not even logged in at all for a number of days/weeks.

If Instagram’s AI can differentiate between a human using the app vs a bot, perhaps there is some kind of ratio it keeps track of between human activity and bot activity and if an account is leaning to heavily towards bot activity it results in an api block.

Botting of legit accounts is beneficial to Instagram in that a real business is probably not going to purchase adds if they have a small number of followers. No one wants to sink money into an IG add campaign to have people land on their account page that only has 150 followers. So f/u on a real account is more likely to get that account to a place where purchasing adds from IG makes sense for the business owner.

What IG wants to prevent are spam accounts using bots, and tracking this type of human use vs bot use would provide a metric for curtailing spam focused botting while allowing legit account botting to continue to some degree.

Curious if anyone else has noticed a similar correlation.


highly unlikely, Ive had inactive clients for months etc and no issues ever.

It doesn’t apply to me either.

But thank you for sharing. That’s the best way to learn altogether :pray:t3::heart:


Interesting, thanks for sharing. I just switched to mobile proxies from SSL datacenter so hopefully this will put an end to the api blocks I have been getting.

Has anyone noticed any correlations between certain actions or activity and api blocks?

Besides the obvious like bad proxies, aggressive actions etc.

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Following and unfollowing at the same time can lead to API blocks.

API call blocks should not be that big of a problem. I also thought about trying to avoid them. Even wrote with the Jarvee Support. Sadly nobody could give me a reason and (noob :see_no_evil: as i am) I am not able to understand it on my own. But they told me: kripke api call blocks are nothing you have to worry about :point_up:

*but I am still thinking about it sometimes

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Not sure if there’s any truth behind it, but I will say that if an account has been inactive for a long time and then suddenly starts performing bot-like actions, ie. suddenly following/unfollowing/liking hundreds of posts a day, even if it’s aged, you’re going to hit some roadblocks.

Don’t know if they’d be API blocks but most certainly a PV or two.


are you using embedded browser to follow when you get api call blocks?

:see_no_evil: I am not even sure what you mean with API blocks. You mean a temporary Action block like likeblock or followblock? Or do you mean jarvee getting blocked doing API calls to instagram API and switches to doing Actions in EB?

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the second one where Jarvee will switch to embedded browser

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This they told me is nothing you have to worry about.

And: Finishing Actions with EB is a 100% safe

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my only concern is that one of my accounts runs fine while following via api but seems to get a temporary follow block as soon as it tries to follow through the embedded browser.

I have heard stories from others of occasionally having issues when following through embedded browser as well


I use the EB but I had similar concerns. I’ve had no problems with it so far. If you have problems just turn it off but then you lose actions. That’s why I started thinking about it.

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I’ve been having the same problem this week on 3 of my accounts and was just gonna ask about this

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can you describe what problems you have been experiencing in more detail?

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I’ve been following via api and then my accounts have been switching to follow with embedded browser and then getting blocked after that even tho I have do not follow with embedded browser checked in jarvee

This could definitely have something to do with your proxies though, considering that you’ve been using datacenter. If the accounts are otherwise healthy.


Unlikely - I am active on mine and post 3-4 times a week (branded account)

This could be it - As for my brand account i work straight from my vps and not proxy. now im api blocked. My other branded account, i switched over to 4g and its sort of working - though I am action blocked right now

Do you eventually get an error if EB blocked - account not logged in?

EB works for me when API is action blocked. I’ll run EB only for a few days, very smooth. Then I get that error (mentioned above). I go login via EB but it keeps loading IG homepage so Im stuck. Switch back to API and it works but frequent temp blocks. With EB only I get more daily actions done for sure compare to API.