API calls aren't showing in statistics

Hey, I am facing a bug/glitch or is this any setting issue?

Scraper accounts are doing API calls as I can see that in the profile under tools.

But these numbers are not shown up under API Statintics TAB

Also not in the View Statistics page

What’s the issue? This is not happpening to all the scraper accounts but to most of them.

Did you enable the delay when API calls exceed a given value option on those accounts? The API counter under #API Statistics will be reset to 0 if the accounts have exceeded your API Calls limit. can you check again the stats under your tools? do they not show 0/0 api success?


But 321 calls that you are seeing in the image isn’t the limit that I set to that account.

Under your tools means? In the #Api Statistics Column? They are showing 0/0 like this image bellow-