API calls quick poll

Hi everyone, just wanted to do a quick poll to see what the averages are for API calls per main account.
Also a few questions that may help others:

Do you use scraper method?

  • Scraper Used
  • No Scraper Used, I use other ways to import usernames

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If yes, what is your main account to scraper ratio?

  • 1:1
  • 1:5
  • 1:10
  • 1:as many as I can build

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What are your average API calls for main accounts? Per day?

  • 500-1000
  • 1000-1500
  • 1500-2000
  • 2000+

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Around what API calls does your scraper usually die?

  • 1-500
  • 500-1000
  • 1000-1500
  • All over the place whenever IG feels like it

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Around what how many days does your scraper usually die?

  • 1-2
  • 3-5
  • 5-7
  • more than 1 week
  • mine never dies

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what proxies are you guys using for slaves? is it cheaper to just burn through them and keep making new ones, or to put them on high quality proxies?

use high quality proxies

Interesting pool, it will be interesting to see results when more users vote :slight_smile:

This is an uphill battle right now.

Interesting to note - I have an account thats done 50 follows and its above 1000 api while i have one account that did 80 and its only at 400-500 any ideas?

the number of API calls depends on a lot on of things, not just the number of follows, user filters have a big impact on the API calls the more filters you have the more API calls the account will do.

Hello everyone,

I will be brief so as not to delay you unnecessarily.
Surely many people are interested in me, how do you manage the current situation with SCRAPERS accounts?
After Instagram fundamentally changed the API LIMITS, many of my scrapers accounts keep failing and require daily care.

Would you all be able to share your experience?

My experience:
I use 100 scrapers for 20 accounts, but even that is sometimes not enough … because they have the status “DELAYED” due to my set limits + a lot of PV, TB and EC.
Do you think it is advisable to buy accounts with followers 100+ and some pictures on the account? Does anyone use such accounts as scrapers and do they work more efficiently than new accounts with 0/0 followers / following and 0 medias?![2020-10-07_14h07_09|690x373]

LoL 100 accounts?
I have 500 accounts on 50 IG accounts and it’s still not enough with reasonable filters and low setting around 80 follow per day without unfollow and on 4 different 4G providers

500 scrapers for 50 master accounts?

Yeah … All master accounts

man makes no sense i just have 2 on: the follower range and dont follow followers on and it looks like it its using a shit ton of api

when I replied I had no idea what filters you have I just gave you a possible reason for the high number of API calls and I can assure you that what I said does make sense, try to increase your filters and watch what would happen to the number of API calls.

Try comparing the most recent successful API calls on both accounts:
From Tools tab, type the name of the account > Execute actions > Export most recent successful API Calls, you will probably be able to notice which API call was made more in the account that did 1000 API calls.

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Thanks will give that a try and see whats wrong