API login blocks - Scraping usernames no longer works?


For the last 24-48hrs or so, scraping the following endpoints doesn’t seem to be working: https://www.instagram.com/username/?__a=1

I keep getting redirected to the login page. Anyone else have the same issue? Any solution?


Getting this too.

Ok so from what I can gather, Instagram have been banning millions of IPs from scraping their user accounts in the past week, so a lot of proxies are down.

I’ve managed to solve my problem (for now…) by switching to new proxies that haven’t been blacklisted yet.

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Wow, this could be a major issue from now on… :thinking:

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Instagram working every day to blocking scrapers, if you use a datacenter proxy is most probable your banned in a few hours.

The best way to scraping is to use an residential or mobile ip, and change for every request, i not recommend more than 50 requests in a day.

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it’s working fine on my end I can scrape correctly using JV scrape tool from my home IP and proxies, as you said it most likely the proxy IP