API vs Embed Browser vs Manual work

Good evening to all.

I have been reading posts on this forum for days, and I would like to group all your opinions, your results, your findings and in general the way in which you are moving about the choice between API vs embed browser vs manual action.

I have read many, often conflicting opinions.
I decided to create this topic as all the others are outdated, and the current situation in the automation world is very different from three months ago.

For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, the API version basically emulates the instagram app, the embed browser version the browser.

But I’d like to know more detailed information from you, but above all your results and current strategies.

Thanks to all


im using the api and use EB when action block
it work good to me :v:


In your opinion, couldn’t it be a problem as a trust score if the profile bounces from Api (app) to browser every time it is blocked?
After how many like / follow do you usually get stuck in the API?

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i think using only the EB is not so human also
and i don’t know agsecly after how much api actions its get block it always changes


I am using EB only with 4g mobile proxies.
Whenever I have tried to revert to API, I receive follow action blocks after just a few follows


Doing the same thing, but still, have got a problem with EB blocks.
It’s kinda silly, some accounts respond well to API only others to EB only, I’ve got even some of those that require a combination of both.

I only use Embed Browser with 4g mobile proxies and working well.

Hey Reverse what do you do? Mind if I get your opinion?
No trying to highjack but its related and would like to see where you and others stand

I am using only EB on DC proxies and 90% it works fine.

I’m scraping only; millions of data points a day without any API blocks.

we are doing doing manual account growth , doing tons of actions daily on new and old accounts follow, unfollow, like, comments and dms just following the limits and no block at all from last 1 month


Its been a rough day for me ha Got nearly 10 accounts blocked out of the 120 I manage. Have a slew of other accounts needed to get reconnected. It seems like some accounts do better on the standard use EB when blocked on API and others will work well for maybe 7-10 days using ONLY EB… Some accounts definitely work better with EB while some are blocked by it immediately at first manual like or follow. It seems like all of them end up getting blocked or compromised after 7-10 days, maybe 2 -3 weeks.

Great question. Seems like if accounts stay on any 1 option for 7-14 days they almost always have a block or compromised message coming in… and is it just me or do your accounts get slaughtered on Sundays?

Im doing it manually at the moment, but EB is working fine too with a 4G connection.