[Quick Poll] Do you use API, EB Only or Both?

Just wondering what everyone’s set up is. Im on 4g and DC proxies. Just having problems with temp blocks and which method to use. I’ve tested the benefits and negatives of API and EB Only are:

API+ … can fix itself when temp block, no need to delete cookies like EB temp block
API- … frequent temp blocks, cant reach daily limit
EB+ … gets a lot of my daily tasks done and reaches daily limit
EB - … have to manually keep delete cookies, will eventually run into “account not logged in error” (for me)

Literally 5 min ago, EB only Fl block. I switched to API - its working. Wish I can just stick to one method!

  • API Focus, Eb when block checked
  • EB Only for Everything
  • Both (Switch back and forth, as long as FL and Likes is working)

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