API vs embedded browser

Hey guys how are you all
I recently posted something related to scraper and I want to thank all of those who helped me with it
I was wondering if let’s say I scraped all data applying filters using api so what now? Should I use embedded browser to follow these users that are provided by scraper? If yes should I do it manually? Or can I use API for it cause there won’t be much use of API there after all the dirty work is done by scraper.

I would suggest you use the embedded browser to follow those users. If you get blocked on EB, set the main account to use API. You can always switch between EB and API.

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Man can I send you message?

as ossi said, better to use the EB to follow them you can use the following option to follow using the EB

You’ll prolly notice that on some accounts EB is working better and on some API is giving you better results. Not all accounts are performing better on EB.

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@Homosapien A lot of people are asking which one is better but don’t try. There’s so many things surrounding EB and API that it is different for everyone. It’s better to try to an account on EB and another account on API and see what happens? Don’t have an account? Make one or buy one.

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Not all accounts will have the same results, and testing both methods on any given account is the only proven answer.

However, sometimes performing the testing results in screwing your accounts over, and people want shortcuts to avoid this, so asking which works “better” is the safest thing to do. Although the answers are mixed so really, we’re back to step 1: see which works for you and stick with it, rinse and repeat.