APP for followers management Warning

In this forum I have seen a thread (I have searched for it but I didn’t find) about an app “follower Chef” that I think it’s pretty good when we want to analyze our followers, I’m using it to know about each follower that doesn’t follow me and each one doesn’t like my posts, the F/UF I’m doing it manually, today when I made a refresh in the app I received a message warning from Instagram to change my password, I received in the past that message when I used this app or for example the follower assistant, I changed the password and everything goes ok,my question is, should I have worried about that message? I’m asking because I saw in MP that since Yesterday the number of blocks are increasing and seems that a lot off people are facing with loop confirmation problem…what is your opinion?
Thank you very much to all for the great content that everyone is sharing in this forum.

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They send it also to the accounts that never touched automation, or any other type of service other than the official IG app. You have nothing to worry about.
They assume doing so many actions must be automated, but have no way to prove that.
Imagine I got account compromised warning when I got real exposure at a huge event and people started to interact with my never automated, not follow unfollowed account.