App: receiving notifications from clients

I have:

  • skype account
  • discord account
  • e-mail account (hotmail)
  • whatsapp account
  • telegram account
  • linkedin company’s page
  • fb page

Does anybody knows if there is an app were you can add all social networks and you receive a notification if someone texts you via fb page, discord, skype etc… For some reasons, I don’t receive notifications from some of those apps, so I had to periodically go and check the apps every time to see if someone texted me, even turning on notifications doesn’t help… especially i hate linkedin: i have tens of thousands of followers there and every day people send me messages (spam) to my personal account, but i have business page created with my account so messages are being mixed up with personal acc (spam) and business page (clients)…

trying to find a solution how to manage everything so I don’t need to waste my time making sure i get all notifs/messages from clients from all social media channels. :slight_smile:


That would be good. not that cheap but it covers the most channels is what you are looking for.
An alternative open source is Franz but there is a super annoyng 5 second wait time every time you open it if you don’t pay.

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