App to DM people via a desktop?

Did a quick search and nothing came up. I am old school and it drives me nuts typing on my phone non stop.

Is there something out there that will allow me to DM back and forth with people via a desktop?


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Windows app on your computer download Instagram, Good luck!

Memu Emulator ?
Bluestacks 3 ?

These are android phone emulators but you can click and type obviously since you are on PC :smiley: This is my preferred method and it is handy!

Bluetooth keyboard? :grin:


Hello you can use these apps - windows and mac - mac - windows, mac and linux



is it proxy support @elogicuk?

Not sure but you can make any app run through a proxy using these:

Thanks everyone I will check the suggestions out!

It turns out the native windows 10 Instagram app in the Microsoft store allows you to use direct messages. That may be the easiest solution.

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Any idea if it will work with an iMac?

all the apps i listed work with mac

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If you’re a Mac user, I have had a great experience with Direct Messenger Instagram. Simply search “Direct Messenger Instagram” in the app store. (Cost: ~$1-4)

Best of luck!

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Latest Windows allow you to use their feature and use Instagram as a phone app, it’s very useful.

Anyone know how to work the githyb thingie?

Hi Jayblack100 read your post and the feedback, interested to find out which route you took.