App to see who doesn't follow back?

Anyone know of an app for IOS to see who doesn’t follow back? An app that supports accounts with over a 100k followers? None of them seem to work for my account anymore only for small accounts.
I’ve googled and tried a lot of them. Any help would be very much appreciated!

I’m not sure if apps can still do this but if you have Jarvee you can reverse engineer it by scraping your followers and their followings.

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Yes you can do this.

Scrape followers and followings via seperate accounts and just add it in duplicate lines remover or do it in an excel file.

This way you won’t lose your account OP and you will get the necessary details too.

If your looking for an app to do this directly from your main it will be risky business all depending on amount of followings and followers you have. Too many api calls and unofficial/3rd. Part apps are not a good coctail these days.
However you can use above mentioned method by using slave accounts to scrape your profile in JV and remove none followers either manually or with JV.

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Anyone that could help me do this?

You can use this option on Jarvee if that’s what you are looking for:

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