Apple Update causing havoc across the entire IM landscape

I’ve been having more and more issues occur as a result of API changes across both, FB and IG. Account generation is at an all-time low, prices have risen drastically to the point where it’s soon gonna be more cost-effective to just purchase brutes. Scraping and filtering has also become more expensive now that scrapers are dying 2x as fast as they used to.

SERPs are also suffering. Google has been releasing updates one after the other. Sites have been getting de-indexed. Don’t know what to do.

90% of the things you said here aren’t caused because of the Apple update, but because companies are constantly trying to catch us. Your only option is to adapt and not panic. If you panic - this kind of thing isn’t really for you.

(Also, scrapers are working pretty smoothly for me and accounts are still cheap, you just need to change your setup)

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I agree with Winds, it’s all about staying calm and try to evolve, try to find new ways, and keep testing different stuff I’m sure you will find the right combination, I have been having difficulties with these update but with time i was able to get over that and adapt.