Applying to CPA for first time

I have some questions and I did search for a few hours but couldn’t find answer yet. As far as applying for your first network do you really need a website for the application and what kind? I’m doing a Udemy course on CPA (along with my reading here) and one guy said you need to have an online marketing blog to make it look like you’re a marketing guru or something. Then again I’ve read some networks let you just put N/A if you use instagram traffic.

Same guy said you must tell them you have a $1,000 ad budget and never tell them you will use free traffic. True or false?

So if I don’t want to build a fake blog am I restricted to only apply to networks that let me put N/A in the website fields? Also, for beginners I was going to apply to one of these: adscendmedia, adworkmedia, ogads or maxbounty? Any of these ok? Thanks.

I am signed up with AWM and OGads when I signed up I had no website or blog (Still don’t have a blog) and I got accepted, I think for AWM I put a link to one of m twitter accounts.

OK, cool. Maybe these aren’t as strict as I think. Did you do phone interview? What were question like if so?

No, no phone interview no nothing for OG ads, add one of the staff on skype and ask them to review/approve your account. Some sites may be strict with approval but OG ads and AWM ain’t one of them

Cool, thanks!

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When applying you can always tell them you’ll use PPC traffic and create landing page for each offer that you’re going to promote so you have nothing to show them until you see what they’re offering.

Adworkmedia isn’t really strict, OGAds even less I think. MaxBounty and Peerfly are little bit harder to get in. I never got account on MaxBounty, but I tried only once long time ago. Well, f them :slight_smile: If they don’t need me I don’t need them too.

On Peerfly I got accepted in couple of hours
What I did was:

  • applied for account
  • then messaged Luke, you can find his email on his blog,
  • he approved my account almost instantly
    If you go same route, make sure you send him nice email and tell him you have experience with other networks too.
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Thanks for the good advice Adnan. I think I will start with Adworkmedia and save Peerfly till I have more experience. Your team really goes above and beyond to answer people and help from what I’ve noticed in a few days of reading here so thank you.

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We’re trying hard :slight_smile:

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