Apps for F/U semi-manually?

Getting pretty hard to avoid blocks… want to switch back to semi-manual for F/U. Doing the Follow is easy… any apps that still work for Unfollowing? Manually unfollowing is a pain and you can’t see who has unfollowed you…

Go to account under profile you will have “access data” and can “copy” all account you follow/requasted just copy the list after you done following and use a scrapper…

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Captivate and especially Cleaner still work well if you know what you’re doing.
I use them to this day daily, but even their developer gave up on them.

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Sorry, how can I use a scraper to Unfollow from my Main?

How many unfollows have you been doing a day roughly with those?

There is no point to say how many. You won’t believe and I won’t be able to show you the method anyway. You need to test yourself.

I’ve been using the “Helper Tools 2 for Instagram” chrome extension.
Basically it loads all the followers and the accounts you follow and you can set it to unfollow every one who is not following you back.
It unfollows one every 60 sec, is not fast but so far I had no warnings from IG.

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I can’t figure out how to scrape Unfollowers for a given account. I know how to send the output of Follow tool to Extracted Users, but what about Unfollow tool? I want to basically use another account to scrape the non-followers of the main account, and send that output to Extracted Users / Excel. Is this possible with J? Basically I want to make use of Js filters on Unfollow, like only Filter users who haven’t Liked a post in the Last 12 (for example), and Scrape that list instead of having J do the Unfollow (and get blocked).

hey Buddy,

I own several clothing brands, and i had been using apps such as captivate (especially their cloud server) to target follow my chosen demographic. As you know it’s all a shambles now. Could you please provide me with some tips on how to still use these apps for F/UF?

Thanks a lot pal

Having issue with follow or unfollow? Test. Test Test.