Archive vs delete when restoring engagement

One of my smaller accounts has had a massive drop in engagement over the past few weeks… I read in the forum some different methods to try to restore activity, and one of them mentioned deleting old post that “didnt do too good” or get high engagement. My question is, is there a difference between archiving a post and deleting it? I wanted to archive some post instead of actually deleting them, but not if it makes that method ineffective… Thoughts?

Yes there is a difference. It’s always better to archive a post as opposed to deleting it.

My theory is that when you delete a post, you’re taking away engagement to your account and the platform itself. So you’re penalized for this.

Archiving is the way to go.

Once your post has been posted and it has run its life, deleting it won’t make a difference to IG. If it did, everyone would be abusing this trick.

I might make your page look a bit better to your followers, but the IG algorithms will not take into effect.

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