Are 20,000+ Followers Accounts ''Safe''?


Well, It’s very common for me to see 1,000~5,000 followers accounts getting banned all the time… but seems like after they reach 10,000~20,000 followers, they become ‘‘Safe’’… Personally I haven’t experienced any bans since my accounts reach 10,000+ followers, and around 250 posts.

I would like to know if it’s only me or does anyone else have experienced something similar with their accounts?

Thank you!

P.S.: All my accounts are at least 8 months old.

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My 3 accounts > 100k have banned, recover, and came back.

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Wow, how did you recover them?


Accounts get suspended even if they are big. I have read and see a lot of accounts, more than 100k followers, that got suspended because they let others manage their accounts and the one who managed them has 0 experience.

I suggest doing what’s working for you when you were just starting out and never get too overconfident about your account and abusing the platform.

I agree with @euhero here. No matter how big account is, if you don’t respect their ToS and get caught while doing it, you’ll get banned.

Play smart, respect the limits, use right settings in MP and there shouldn’t be issues.

I have a few that I keep running on MP and have logged in on my phone and ipad.
Would interacting with followers via phones increase safety?

(I’ve logged in with 3g, public wifi, friend’s wifi on my phone too)

I’m particularly concerned with this topic as well, especially if i were to take over an account with bigger followings

I believe you guys have heard of instagram accoutnts takeovers? Where a blogger or an influencer takes over a brand’s account to post unique contents for a few days

Are such acts in violation of instagram’s terms of usage?

It would be funny if a blogger takes over a brand’s account for a product launch and it gets banned

Actually, this could only get you in trouble. If you’re logged in through MP and your phone, it can be considered as suspicious activity. You’re using two different devices at the same time, you’re logged in through different IPs, simply suspicious.

if MP is running on a home wifi, n the phone stays in the same network, that would be OK, yes?