Are Action Blocks dangerous for an IG account?

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Some sources say that getting many action blocks may harm your account or even desable it, but did you personally experienced this?

I’ ve had maybe 4 blocks so far, never used bots or apps for growing, I was only following people manually and a couple of times I was blocked for doing literally nothing more than some follows or follows back.

I was wondering if it is really risky, since some sources say it is, some say it’s not and many users say they actually never got their account deleted for action blocks.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: :hugs:

Most often action blocks are not that dangerous, but if those blocks are happening very often combined with other warning messages from IG then it could be something more serious.

The best way is to try to reduce the number of actions you are doing. I’ve heard that there is a limit of actions of 10k over the two consecutive months so keep that in mind.

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Thank you for your answer and advice, I will keep that in mind! :slight_smile: Regarding harming the account in another way, for example, lowering the so called “trust score” is that right or is it, again, an assumption?

You are welcome. Well, yeah with each action block the trust score is going down but only when there are something more serious like purchasing followers, likes or when you login from different IPs at the same time and get warning from IG about suspicious activity only then you should act in a way to stop doing what ever has caused those issues.

Does the trust score raise with time if there are no further actions to cause its decrease? I mean, I maybe deserved one action block, but the other three were really unfair… and plus, I did everything manually, no apps, that’s why it’d be annoying to have a low trust score for that

I don’t think there is much information on how they get the trust score exactly, but not having blocks for a period of time should definitely help.

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